Welcome to Information Technology @ Mentone GrammarEdit

Unit 1Edit

Unit 1 of Information Technology looks at how individuals and organisations use and can be affected by information and communication technologies (ICT) in their daily lives. Throughout the unit students will apply the design and development stages of the problem solving methodology. They will be required to acquire and apply various knowledge and skills to work with different data types to create solutions that can be used to persuade, educate, inform and entertain. The unit also examines the role of networked information systems in the communication of data within a global environment and an exploration of mobile devices. Several issues relating to the effect of ICT on students themselves are also examined and students are required to work collaboratively in order to examine these issues. There are three outcomes to be completed in Unit 1.

Outcome 1Edit

Students are required to select data from data sets and design and develop solutions that meet specific purposes using spreadsheet software. The information produced should be in graphic form and displayed on screen. Students are only required to apply the design and development stages of the problem solving methodology; hence they should be provided with an analysis that describes the requirements of the solution including the constraints.

Outcome 2Edit

Students must propose a networked information system for a specific purpose, and explain the security threats that exist within a networked information system. Students explore the exchange of data and information within a networked information system, and investigate the technology and processes and the roles and responsibilities of the people required to ensure that the networked information system enables users to effectively and efficiently share the information. Students also explore how mobile devices are used within networks and how the security of data and information exchanged within a network can be threatened.

Outcome 3Edit

Students are to work collaboratively in teams to design and develop a website that analyses a contemporary issue supports the team's point of view. In analysing the ICT issue, students consider the tensions and conflicts between individual stakeholders and then using visualising thinking tools they explore their own opinions. Students continue their use of spreadsheet software to manipulate primary data that has been acquired and develop graphical representations that form part of their website. Students should also engage in project management and use ICT to form and monitor plans.